Hello! I'm Nadia.

UX/UI Designer, sharp-eyed and detail enthusiast based in Barcelona.



I've been passionated for arts since I'm a kid. From handmade Illustration to ceramics I tried numerous amount of artistic disciplines. Later on, during my youth, digital appliances opened a whole new world for me. Fast I've been involved in graphic design and digital illustration.   

Learning and growing satisfy me the most. I tend to challenge myself often to live in a constant learning process. I'm not afraid of trying new things and value, positively, a lot the outcome of every new experience.

As a creative being I easily recognized the impact my environment made in all my creations. Curious and observant I analize and try to understand everything that surrounds me to the detail.

Human behavior fascinates me. What, Who, When, Where, and what's more important... Why? UX/UI Design seemed to me the best to be my professional career.